Turned Earth


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Enamel-based wash with pigments for weathering effects

Easy application
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AMMO of Mig Heavy Mud Turned Earth enamel wash with pigments helps to add realistic final touches of variable textured mud to your scale model and diorama. A variable texture makes it ideal for a vast array of tasks and blending of realistic effects. Thick earth can be used for roadside mud and dust effects just as on building walls, pants and boots. Apply with a brush, sponge or other tools of your liking. Henceforth manipulate or remove with a clean brush soaked with thinner. This effect can used alone or together with other enamel earth tones. Make sure to check out our selection of Springer Pinsel brushes and other offers related to this product.

Turned Earth Features

Made in Spain
Enamel-based with pigments
Age restrictions: 10+ years
35ml jar

How-To by AMMO of Mig

More Info

As this product is enamel-based, it may be diluted with AMMO of Mig Odorless Thinner to easily create streaking effects or very smooth transitions and can also be mixed with other products in the AMMO range. Make sure to check out our Solution Island Set offers, as they might make your purchase cheaper as we offer many things in sets. Our sets are customizable and you can freely add things as you like. Want to find out more about the implementation and use of many of the products we offer and kit reviews? Then head over to our new Youtube channel.


Weight 51 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 69 mm
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