Streaking Grime For US Modern Vehicles


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Perfect Streaking Effects for your scale models
Enamel-based paint
Great Variety
High Quality

AMMO of Mig Streaking Grime For US Modern Vehicles

Streaking Grime For US Modern Vehicles is the ideal color to create dirt steaks on sand and light-brown colored vehicles. Also suitable for other effects such as the addition of chromatic richness to any piece or surface. Apply lines from the upper part of the plate and then fade with a clean brush moistened with Enamel Thinner.

Streaking Effects

  • Easy Brush-on approach
  • Realistic weathering
  • High-quality material
  • Direct application
  • Enamel Thinner needed

Use the product shaken or unshaken, it seems like some modelers prefer either method. I usually always shake mine, but might try the unshaken version soon, too.Let us know about your preferred method in the review section below.

Brush Application

  1. Use a small to medium brush to paint streaks on the surface
  2. Apply thinner on a second thick brush and manipulate the streak
  3. Repeat step 1
  4. Run down the streak contours with a third fine brush loaded with thinner.
  5. This keeps the center streak line more prominent
  6. You may also only use one of these methods as a stand-alone

ISA Hair Method

  1. It requires some practice but it basically only requires a steady hand.
  2. Have some hair and cover them with a clear coat
  3. Hold one or several hairs to your model’s surface
  4. Unload the paint onto the hair just above the model. It runs down the hair thanks to the coating.
  5. This creates a super-thin streak and you can then manipulate it with thinner and a brush.
  6. Combine with many colors to achieve more depth and realism

AMMO How-To Video

A very basic video by AMMO of Mig shows the most common method and its application.

Ideal for Natural Weathering

Tanks✔ AFVs✔ Trains✔ Rolling Stock✔ Aircraft✔ Ships✔ Gunpla✔ Sci-Fi✔ Figures✔ Busts✔ and more


Made in Spain
AMMO by Mig Jimenez
Age restriction: 10+ years
Content: 35ml
Solution Island not included

More Info

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Weight 48 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 69 mm
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