Sky Blue Oilbrusher


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Achieve a perfect finish with easy application and no-spill oils.
Oil-based paint
Built-in brush applicator
Extra-fine brush tip

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AMMO by Mig Sky Blue Oilbrusher

The oil-based Sky Blue Oilbrusher adds light blue tones and shading to green and blue surfaces on aircraft and science fiction vehicles. Additionally, it’s ideal to alter blue and green brigthess shades on all surfaces. Also ideal for railway wagon blue of the Prussian and Bavarian railway.


The Oilbrusher of AMMO by Mig is a revolutionary weathering item that should be included on every scale modeler’s hobby bench. It simplifies and speeds up the weathering effects with oils significantly and saves time and stress. The applicator brusher offers a significant advantage over other oil-based paints due to its unique design. It’s diluted and ready for application and protected from drying out. The range of Oilbrusher includes 40 color tones as of now, to complement your hobby bench equipment. There is no matching competition and AMMO has set the bars high for a better scale modeling experience to apply, streak and blend grime and more.

  • Container with built-in brush
  • Easy weathering
  • No preparation and mixing of paints
  • Direct application
  • Easy task-based storage with ISA Models no-spill AiO Solution Islands
  • No-spill
  • Time-saving
  • No stuck lids

Ideal for Weathering

Tanks✔ AFVs✔ Trains✔ Rolling Stock✔ Aircraft✔ Ships✔ Gunpla✔ Sci-Fi✔ Figures✔ Busts✔ and more


Made in Spain
AMMO by Mig Jimenez
Oil-based paint
Age restriction: 10+ years
Content: 10ml
Solution Island not included

The built-in brush is short and pointy and makes it easy to place dots and lines for weathering effects. This brush feature helps to achieve better results and easier streaking effects with high precision thanks to the thin brush. Stored in our Solution islands or bench organizers, these little friends can help you achieve more in a shorter period of time. The storage prevents spillage and knocking the bottles over and also looks nice. Enjoy rusting your tanks, adding metallic shiny notes and more to your scale models with ease.


We also offer all Oilbrushers in sets and as bundles together with other products. They are also available together with our hobby bench organizers and 3d printed tools and holders for a discount! Want to find out more about the implementation and use of many of the products we offer and kit reviews? Then head over to our new Youtube channel.

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 107 mm
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