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AMMO of Mig Jimenez Panel Line Wash Sky Grey

Panel Line Wash Sky Grey is ideal for aircraft and vehicles with panels painted in light colors such as light gray Japanese aircraft of World War Two.
AMMO of Mig’s Panel Line Wash range is specially designed to create soft-washed panel lines on model aircraft and is also perfect for other vehicles. Use the plw technique where you want to obtain subtle contrast and contour effects such as science fiction subjects, ships and trains. Apply on details and remove excess with a clean brush moistened in Enamel Thinner.

Panel Line Washes

  • Instant application
  • Realistic weathering
  • High-quality material
  • Perfect flow

This Panel Line Wash is enamel-based, check out the acrylics-based ones here.  They adhere very well to the painted model but neither damage nor fade it.

How to use Ammo Mig Panel Line Wash

  1. Clear-Coat your model to protect your paint layers
  2. Add all decals
  3. Start from top to bottom, ie the turret roof of tanks or vertical stabilizers for aircraft.
  4. Put the object at a slight angle, it helps the flow of paint and reduces your amount of work
  5. Use a tiny brush, I’m using Springer Pinsel Rotmarder-Kolinski 3/0
  6. Gently apply wash into panel lines and let suction and gravity do the rest.
  7. Less wash is more, don’t exaggerate or you’ll need to clean a lot (which is no real problem though)
  8. Use the rubber method to lighten the surroundings very carefully, if desired. make sure to practice first on
  9. After drying, use thinner to wipe off excess material. Old (or new) golf or tennis socks are ideal for this.
  10. Crucial about the cleaning process: Don’t finish one section at a time, but rather swosh the whole kit bit by bit.
  11. Repeat 10 until you are happy

Ideal for Superfine Detailing

Aircraft✔ AFVs✔ Trains✔ Rolling Stock✔ Ships✔ Gunpla✔ Sci-Fi✔


Made in Spain
AMMO by Mig Jimenez
Age restriction: 10+ years
Content: 35ml
Solution Island not included

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 69 mm
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