Basic ISA Solution Island Set



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Basic ISA Solution Island Set

This massive set is a great start for every novice and a great add-on for every accustomed scale modeler. To make it the most customizable possible, there is lots for you to chose and you can handpick every item yourself! This is no preset bundle without customization as others offer it. We leave it all to the customer to decide what they want and need. All choices of paint, Oilbrusher and Streakingbrusher don’t affect the price.

Customize YOUR own Set.

We also offer pre-defined sets for various topics for your comfort, but here, the customer is the decision-maker. The Advanced and Pro packs have more materials and additions and offer even higher discounts. Make sure to check them out.

This set includes:

Item Price Item ID
ISA Solution Island 19.00€
6 Oilbrusher 17.40€
5 Streakingbrusher 14.75€
4 Acrylics 9.20€
1 Wash 3.60€
1 Streaking Effects 3.60€
1 nature Effects 3.60€
1 Filter 3.60€
1 Extra Thin Cement 3.85€
1 Decal Set 4.25€
1 Decal Fix 4.25€
1 Liquid Mask 3.95€
Total 91.05€ Set prize: 85.00€

Make sure to get your Basic ISA Solution Island Set while its on sale to profit even more from it.

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