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1/32 B-17G Flight Instrument Panel by Yahu

This 1/32 B-17G flight instrument panel by Yahu is the best cockpit PE part available on the market. If you plan to buy this item, you are more likely to be a super-detailer, and so we put the bars high and analyze this set and why it is so good in detail. To sum it up, before we even start, this is a must-have item for all Flying Fortress lovers.

Instrument Panel

Incredible Detail
3D Effects
Corrects Kit Faults
Very Accurate

Detailed Review

If you build B-17s like Dave, whose Instagram account you should totally check out, you will not need interior details, but you might still want to read about it and learn some things, so stay tuned. On the other hand, those who love details and accuracy, usually want to know what to receive. So here we have a little review that is harsh, but honest. Bear in mind that these are complaints on a high level and in a rivet counter style.

What’s the problem with the instrument panel of the Kit?

The HK Models B-17 kit has many interior issues regarding accuracy. Sadly, most dimensions in the cockpit are far off as well. The Kit has its instrument panel about 6mm below the pilots’ windows but this gap should be no more than 0.5 to 1mm in 1/32 scale. We provide original Boeing documents below to show this effect. Yahu designed its instrument panel correctly and with their help, your instrument panel will sit snuffly below the windows as the real B-17s did have them. We attached a few photos to show these features.

1/32 B-17G Flight Instrument Panel Yahu vs EduardYahu and other offers

I must state that it surpasses the competition of Eduard by miles and is a well-needed correction for the cockpit of HK Models.  Yahu’s instrument panel is not a wrong add-on that super-details the faulty panel, like Eduard does, but it actually corrects the problem and solves the problem. It is, by far the best instrument panel and also available in 1/48 and 1/72 here. Again, these sets are just as impressive and the 1/48 version also corrects the HK kit’s inaccuracies.

ISA Product info

We do all our research thoroughly and sources can be found in our B-17 articles. Just compare the Eduard and Yahu panels, and make your choice. I already made the Eduard panel a bit smaller but still, its gap is more than twice that of the Yahu kit. In terms of reality and correctness, which I expect from Aftermarket detail parts, there is only one set to buy, Yahu. I love the Big ED kit of Eduard, especially the flaps, and will add reviews shortly, but the cockpit panel is just bad.


Made in Poland
Yahu Models
Age restriction: 10+ years
Content: 150g

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