Avro Lancaster KB837 SE-X Nose Art

Epic Avro Lancaster KB837 SE-X

1/32 HK Models – The Chimera of the Notre-Dame de Paris – With Freehand Painted Nose Art by Artist Toshi Yoshimoto

Today we feature the incredible Avro Lancaster KB837 SE-X by our fellow friend of #MITS – Toshi Yoshimoto. His 1/32 scale HK Models freehand nose art of the legendary KB837 SE-X is an incredible piece of art. The model is featured in “Scale Aviation”, a Japanese Air Model Magazine and has gained wide-spread praise on Instagram. It is an honor for us to present this piece of art here. We will add a few words by Toshi to kick it off.

Thank you for watching my work and creation. I would like to extend my utmost thanks to Alex for posting my work on this website. […] When deciding on the markings, I was curious about the aircraft of this characteristic code letter and I noticed the motif of mysterious nose art after some further investigation.
I hope it will give many people a chance to think about the previously misunderstood nose art of this aircraft.

Toshi Yoshimoto – 2021
Box art of HK Models Lancaster in 1/32 scale

Toshi Yoshimoto And The Chimera

Mr. Toshi Yoshimoto is an MD at the Tokushima University hospital in Japan. He has not only shown his skills during the tough years as a med student but also excels at high-quality, large-scale modeling. The nose art of his Lancaster bomber was inspired by the chimeras of the Notre-Dame de Paris, the iconic cathedral in Paris. But before we dig deeper into the topic, we present a little gallery to show the amazing nose art of his.

Avro Lancaster KB837 SE-X Notre-Dame de Paris by Toshi Yoshimoto – 2020

While the focus of this article will certainly be on the nose art and Toshi’s painting skills, it must be mentioned that a few modifications increased the detail of the kit. Firstly, the rear canopy is made from glass and custom made. Also, Toshi added Evergreen styrene to the front window to adjust it. Additionally, a slight adjustment of the propeller dimensions sums up the most significant changes. The front of the propellers has too little of a convex bulge while the rear has too much. As a result, Toshi sanded off the rear and modified the front with putty.

The Chimera

The cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, like most other Gothic cathedrals of the time (the construction finished in 1345), has a wide variety of grotesques located all over the building. In short, these grotesques protected the place from bad and harmful spirits. Together with the ornaments of saints and prophets, these animal-like creatures complement the cathedral’s exterior.

While the prophets and saints were decorative items only, some of the grotesques had an important structural role in the architecture system. In fact gargoyles, a grotesque used to spit water away from the building, are important architectural elements to protect the building. On the other hand, the chimeras had no structural importance and their sole role was the protection of the building from bad spirits. For some further reading about Chimeras, gargoyles and other Gothic architecture, please follow this link, where I double-checked the above information.

Image sources: Photo of Gargoyle – Second Gargoyle – Image of Chimera under free creative commons, Feb 2021

Lancaster KB837 SE-X Model

The choice of Toshi to use the Chimera Lancaster nose art is incredible. Not only is it difficult to source images, but also to paint the complex chimera freehanded. The decal chimera, available from Kits-World is quite a bit off. As such, Toshi decided to paint it freehand on his model.

Toshi, we thank you for your contribution to this website. Additionally, we want to congratulate you on your appearance in the “Scale Aviation” magazine. We cannot wait to see your all-metal 1/32 scale B17G and the new 1/32 Dam Buster Lancaster soon.

Your friend, Alex

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