Vovanito - The Freiburger

VOVANITO, or simply Waldemar, is a young fellow modeler from Freiburg, in the Soutch of Germany. He focusses on AFV and armour of any type and brush paints all his models. However, we might have gotten him into airbrushing. Lets keep an eye on him and see what happens. He started with the hobby in late 2019 and has ammased some serious skills to date.

Check out his gallery below and see for yourself. His current (April 2021) build is the M51 Supersherman, which I also featured right at the beginning of the gallery. The M51 is followed by an array of ww2 to modern era tanks alike and even includes what-if AFVs.

His vehicles include some scratch building and lots of photo-etch and resin parts. Let’s see when he presents his first diorama. I can’t wait.

Vovanito Builds Gallery

Enjoy his builds on Instagram and his feature section here on ISA Models and Friends. Future builds and posts of Waldemar appear below, so bookmark this page to check back frequently. For further questions, suggestions or anything comment below or get in touch with him on IG.