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A Cooperation Of The 4

Mutual help, Incredible friendship, Taylored commissions and Superb research, or simply MITS. However, the acronym is much simpler and represents the four begining letters of the four modelers who are involved in the project. MITS are

We all run our own instagram channels and support each other in our endeavors. As a result, the four of us became friends via instagram in 2020 and share our passion and dedication to our mutual hobby. We strive to enjoy our hobby while perfecting our skills as well as our techniques.
In the future, we plan to host group builds, common projects and more together. As a result, we decided to create a common space to showcase our creations to enhance our work.

Luke, the M in MITS

Luke is a young fellow modeler from the UK. His topic of choice are definitely aircraft. He built some incredible ww2 as well as modern aircraft to date. Check out his dedicated gallery below.

Alex, the I in MITS

Since I run this page, there is plenty of info elsewhere and I want to keep the focus on the guys. Make sure to check out their exceptional work. There is everything, from lazy modeling to scratch building.

Toshi, the PhD

Mr Toshi Yoshimoto is not only a dedicated medical doctor from Japan, but also known for his surgeon precision with rivets and aluminum tape. He is a member of the MITS group and all his contributions are listed in the ISA and Friends section. Furthermore, Toshi, a self-proclaimed lazy modeler, brush paints all nose art of his models. General Ike and the Chimera of Paris are his two most incredible pieces of art to date. Find his story about the Notre Dame Chimeras here. He painted them freehand on his 1/32 scale Lancaster. Make sure to follow him on instagram, too. Make sure to check back in regularly to follow Toshi and his builds, as they are presented here.

Toshi in a Nutshell

No frills, no interiors, amazing free-hand brush painting and exceptional scratch building with aluminium.

And Finally Mat the Spruecutter

Last but not least, Mat from the US, our good old friend and family father. Mats focus, as with the other three, heavily tilts towards aircraft. To name but a few, his SBD2 Dauntless, P-51 and recent B-17 belong to his exceptional collection.

Mat is a vivid modeler, implementing some scratch building but shines especially with his paint jobs. His application of acrylics, oils, washes, chipping fluids and more are incredible. It is a pleasure following him on Instagram

Feel free to get in touch with us below in the comment section. All our work will be linked here, too. For custom discounts on ISA products, follow us all on IG and youtube and find their promo codes to get 5% off your order immediatly.

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