Personalized AiO Solution Island

Why Purchase an All in One Organizer from ISA?

The Personalized AiO Solution Island is your personal and brand’s all-in-one path to a more productive, flexible and compact hobby bench. Your brand name is located in the bottom left corner or alternatively in the top right, if it is short. Are you tired of wasting your paint, glue and time due to spillage and knocking over your bottles and containers? Look no further than here.

The AiO Holder organizes your paints, cements and weathering products for any workbench task. Have it all ready at a go and simply rotate the platform to access them.

The investment in a personalized paint and glue holder and organizer of ISA Models offers considerably more than all other solutions out there, though.

The Personalized AiO Solution Island in a Nutshell:

  • Your slogan brand or profile name
  • 1 standard paint jar
  • 5 Modulation slots or small part’s storage
  • 4 Oilbrushers or Streaking brushers
  • One Colle21 Extra Tin / Slow Dry
  • Any AMMO Mig Wash, Chipping fluid or alike
  • 5 Toothpicks
  • 1 larger water bassin
  • Various angles for scratch building
  • store up to 3 dry brushes
  • Many colours to chose from

Our unique approach together with your personalization set us apart from the rest. Each part of the Personalized AiO Solution Island is placed and designed with great care. No obstruction due to a well thought out and thoroughly tested product design.

Personalized Solution Island Cement Holder Experience

Claim YOUR Personalized AiO Organizor now.

Chose the colour for the base and top, and your slogan, brand or profile name. Your unique and branded station will be with you soon. Personalized All in One Holders are your stylish bench addition

Personalized AiO Solution Island Features

Personalized AiO Solution Island Holder

If the branded Personalized AiO Solution Island is not for you and you prefer a non-branded version, use the All in One Organizer instead. We also offer them without any branding, even without our own. Simply add “NOBRAND” in the order form and you will receive a blank Personalized AiO Solution Island.

Order your Set together with Colle21 Glue and more and receive great discounts here in our store. Order any glue, 5 oilbrushers and 10 paints with your AiO holder to receive a 12% discount on the total.

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