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High-Quality, 3D printed scale modeling solutions for all modelers, made in Europe. ISA Model designs are for scratch builders, novices, old and young. Our mission is to make your life easier and cheaper. Spill less, work more efficiently and save time modeling. Extensive testing and product adjustments based on external reviews maximize the convenience and reliability of our designs. They are made to last and serve your individual scale modeling purposes. Many parts serve multiple purposes, to further increase the customer experience.

Personalized Solution Island Cement Holder Experience

Enjoy our virtual showroom here and see how you could improve your bench layout. Individualization with the ISA Easy Eight system could be just the right choice for every modeler with limited worbench space. Additionally, simply increase your hobbyzone and workbench surface due to logical and useful All-In-One Solution Islands. Hand preference does not matter, we make two versions of each product, to maximize comfort for everyone. We care about the 3.4% of left handed people [1] in the world.

We Minimize our Ecological Footprint for the Next Generation of Scale Modelers.

With our AMMO by Mig Jimenez cooperation program, ISA designed a vast variety of glue and paint holders to be sold by AMMO. The 3d print paint station and display array we have created offers a unique option for ever modeler. Minis, military, large or small scale, their individual assembly options mkae them ideal for an ever changing workbench and hobby room adaptation.

3D Design FDM Printed for AMMO Mig
3D Print of ISA Products

Feel free to order via the contact form while we are setting up the shop. Simply send the amount and colors and we will ship to you immediately. Currently limited to colors shown in images and listed below, but any combination is possible.If a product is not available, we produce what you demand immediatly! Light blue, white, yellow,red, silver, black, red and grey. We use European-made materials and products and no cheap China printers that harm the environment more than they should.

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All-In-One Solution Island

The 3D-printed All-In-One Solution Island for is your ticket to a more productive and compact workbench. Turn any desk and table into your bench with ease, without spilling liquids and easy access. We guarantee an enhanced customer experience with our all-in-one designed holder. Simply turn its orientation to access different sides for specialized tasks. Glueing, Weathering, Modulation and Oilbrushers. Designed by ISA Models for left and right handed modelers. All convenience angles for our parts are customized to tilt left or right, respecitvely. Specifically designed for and in cooperation with AMMO of Mig and #MITS.

➧ High Quality 3D Printed Solutions

Holder ideal for Colle21 Extra Thin, AmmoMig OilBrushers and OilStreakers, AmmoMig Paint Jars as well as any Ammomig Wash.

Your Personalized Solution Island

You want a Branded or Personalized Solution Island to make your instagram feed and facebook account look better and show your brand name on it? We make our Solution Islands with your custom text and produce them exclusively for you. Every 44th incoming order of a PSI is free and we will refund your payment immediately. Enhance your modeling experience and enjoy your name on your new stylish holder and organizer.

➧ Personalized 3D Printed Solutions For Everyone

Personalization and Brand Building made easy with our Customized Paint and Glue Holder Solution Island. AmmoMig & Colle21 compatible

The best task-based no-spill solution for your workbench out there. Multiple tasks, easy access, affordable for a student like me. I have a tiny student room and this helps me keep my place a bit more organized.

img 08 free img

Customizable Workbench Holders

Organize, customize and design your workbench the way your want to. You simply purchase the parts you need and put them together as desired. All parts can be attached to one another with the ISA Easy Eight buttons. They are simple, strong and stable without wobble. Use them task-based or storage based, you may. Changing the layout is easy and different tasks might need different layouts. Organize your paints, washes, oilbrushers, micro set and sol and colle21 glues the way you want.

➧ Tailor Your Bench Your Way

Individual design with multiple colour options for your maximized convenience. Join the ISA Modular System to increase your comfort.

img 09 free img

Brush Holder Designs

The ISA Models Brush Holders Design for your comfort and to keep the brushes in shape. The minimized life-cylce cost of your tools is our goal. No upright or horizontal placement, no paint or water running into your brush. Your brushes deserve the best storage solutions and no cheap or readily available work-around. We offer different variants for various fields of scale modeler’s interests. AFVs, railroads, aircraft, navy and more. Make sure to claim yours and add some Made in Germany Springer Brushes.

➧ Increase the Life-Time of your Brushes

Reliability, comfort and convenience are primary vaulues of ISA Models. We offer value for money bymaximizing the life-cylce returns of your inventory.

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Ammo of Mig Logo Paints & Washes

ISA Models is proud to work together with AMMO by MIG Jiminez of Spain. European services and highest quality matters a lot to us at ISA. We value our frind’s approach and use their products with confidence and enjoy their reliability.

AMMO supports many projects of ISA Models and they are always there for us and all their customers. It is with great respect and sincerity that we use their logo here on our site.

Our custom designs for their paints, washes and oilbrusher series show this, also. They are a great team, and together with the Colle21 family, they are a great bunch and their products should be present on every bench.

[1] Tan U. The distribution of hand preference in normal men and women. Int J Neurosci. 1988 Jul;41(1-2):35-55. doi: 10.3109/00207458808985740. PMID: 3410650.

There are many paint holders out there, why should you pick ISA products?

We design and create all 3D design products with a scale modeller’s and artist’s mindset. We identify, analyse and tackle problems as we model on our hobby benches. Reliability, comfort, value-for-money, life-cycle costs as well as style drive our R&D approach. Minimizing material input while maximizing the strength of our products is a common strategy. However, ISA saves material, energy, time and money by not adding any fancy logo, design or gimmick. All we add is our name of 3 letters, thats it. As such, you buy the most per invested unit. Our unique features that separate us from the competition are:

How has ISA Started their 3D Printing Business?

We have a fair amount of space that many modelers lack. Artists and scale modelers often have minimum space requirements and storage problems in their apartments and houses. This is where our hands-on approach kicks in as we try to solve various bench issues to enhance everyones hobby experience. Indstad of offering a simple storage rack solution, of which many exist already and which only solve one problem, we go one step further.We identified key features of scale modeling projects and aim at serving a vast variety of them. This leads to task and solution based offers that deliver more features for every customer.

Which Materials are ISA Models Using?

Our FDM 3D printed parts are all made of PLA. We can print with PETG and all other types of materials, as we use high quality printers only. PLA is our choice as it is mostly bio degradable, as its made from corn starch. The colour is usually the sole additive which is not biodegradable.

For all resin 3D printed parts, we use water washable resin. While all resins are harmful to the environment, we need less alcohol  and can thus save some energy on our ecological footprint as water is better than alcohol.

What Our First Customers Say

A cement and glue holder alone, to prevent spillage, is a waste of space and resources. Coupling it with common angles on a plate leads to great scratch building opportunities but also serves as guides to connect parts together easily. A solid and flat base to prevent knocking over is a perfect space for these angles. I'm impressed with this solution and the 3D printed quality of these model paint holders and glue holders.
Scale Modeler
The ISA paint and jar holder with 3 and 5 slots for modulation may also serve two purposes. It saves space as small parts can be stored in thesese recesses during the glueing porcess. Simply turn the All-In-One Solution Island slightly and prevent the carpet monster's success in stealing small parts. Thank you for this great offer. It saved me a lot of space.
Dave Burton
Modeller, UK
The All-In-One Solution Island is the best addition to my hobby room and workbench. It helps to solve tasks on the go and by turning it, you can easily switch from taks to task. I am left handed and its great that the parts are angled to the left, to make access easier for me. The rather little offers of colours is a bit sad, but its a new business so hopefully more will be added later.
Jan Iljasovic
Modellbauer, GER