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ISA Models is all about a fully integrated scale modeling experience. We share our passion, knowledge and 3D creations with you and welcome you to participate. Our primary goal is a high quality research article and kit review data archive with transparent citation and sources for your comfort. Our integrated webstore of our, as well as partner products, rounds up our offers for you. Solution oriented and highest quality 3d printed designs are our specialty. Explore our page for a daily dose of research, knowledge fun and hobby related purchases.​

Design and AM Parts

We are constantly working on new 3D models for super detailing and base all our creations on technical drawings and extensive research. You will find these products in or online shop. Our 3D printed tools are made for everyone.


A continuous flow of featured articles and research papers will appear here for your entertainment and education about various fields of modeling and history. Our key focus is railway modeling, armour and aviation.

Kit Reviews

Reviews and analyses of scale model kits are our passion and we strive to delicer the most extensive, detailed and modeler oriented reviews. ISA Models aims to shine lights from different modelers' perspectives regarding OOB, duperdetailing and fantasy build posibilities.


Together with fellow modelers and content creators, we host a wide variety of products. Showcasing fine works of other modelers with ISA and Friends. Supporting fellow modellers, creators and businesse and showcasing their work and products is one of our key features.

Easy Payment

Fast and easy payments via PayPal, bank transfer helps quick processing. We will add more payment options as we grow. For now, it is limited to these, until abusiness growth leads to more flexibility.

Global Shipping

We ship globally with DHL, FedEx, UPS and Hermes. Chose your preferred method of shipping. For EU sales, DHL is our partner of choice.

Next Level 3D Tools and Products for your Hobby Room

All in One Solution Islands

Maximized Workbench Organization for Your Hobby Room - 3D Printed

A Snippet Of Our Research Portfolio​

A few ISA Models key featured articles and reviews best describe us. Take your time and enjoy them.

Full analysis 1/48 scale in-depth HK Models kit review by Alex. Qualitative research, precision analysis and detailed guides are part of every ISA kit-review.

A detailed analysis of the conversion of the French Panhard 178 in German service by Alex.

Informative and educational articles for enthusiasts and knowledge-seeking modellers like this one about myths of flak guns on locomotive tenders.

Your Models, Reviews, Kits or Articles

You have written up a draft, a review or want to work on some research projects? Have you recently created some 3D projects or files that you plan to sell or present to the world? Feel free to get in touch with us, we will host high quality builds, reviews and products here, with and for you.

"After extensive research, a lenghty design prgress and patience with the help from Alex of ISA Models, I am happy to share my unique and new B-17 figures and their destinctive poses. I thoroughly enjoy our live streams, getting to know a fellow OCD modeller. Amongst my discussions with Alex, I have been able to make the B-17 crew as realistic as possible to their real-life counterparts. I can't wait to see what our collaboration brings!"
Growler Models ISA and Friends
Charlie Cousens
3D Figure design and creations
"Thank you for watching my work and I would like to extend my utmost thanks to ISA Models for posting my work on his website. I'm really happy to be part of the group build with Alex and friends. Alex is a great researcher on the B-17, so when I asked him for some nose-art recommendations for my 1/32 scale HK models B-17, General IKE came into my eyes. Alex provided me with many ideas but IKE made the race. Happy modelling and scratch building to everyone"
Toshi Yoshimoteo ISA and Friends
Toshi Yoshimoto
Mecical Doctor and Scale Modeler

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T-Models SSyms Koln

T-Models SSyms Koln A Story Of The Developments Of Heavy Payload Flatbed Railroad Cars in Germany The T-Models SSyms Koln represents the culmination of mass-produced

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BR 52 Development

BR 52 Development

Early Development Steps of the Iconic Baureihe 52, or DRG Class 52 Steam locomotives were the logistical backbone of all military operations in the early

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P-51D-5NA Mustang in 1/32 Mits

P-51D-5NA Mustang

A venture into the 1/32 scale world with Spruecutter, or simply Mat This P-51D-5NA Mustang build feature is Mat’s first article for the homepage. We

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